About me

“It is not our ability that shows what we really are; it is our choices”- this quote from the Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets has always inspired me to step out from my comfort zone and face challenges. These challenges provide me a strong personal drive for academic research, commercialization, philanthropy, and education and instruction.

After finishing my undergrad from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) back in 2014, I decided to pursue the hardest path of the academic research i.e., decided to join a Ph.D. program. I decided to join Arizona State University as a Graduate Research Assistant under the supervision of Dr. Nathan Johnson for Laboratory for Energy And Power Solutions (LEAPS) during Fall 2015.

Joining the Ph. D. program helped me expand my skills in different commercial software and various programming languages. I got opportunities to directly with our industry partners like Incsys, XENDEE, and academic partners like LBNL. Moreover, I am the student member of the IEEE Smart Village Technology Committee, where I am in charge of developing an open-source universal charge controller for off-grid areas. My Ph.D. focused on synthetic distribution feeder development, application of blockchain in Transactive Energy, cyber-security of inverter-dominated networks, and applying graph signal processing techniques for distribution network state estimation with low-observability. On June 21st, 2021, I defended my PhD dissertation titled, “Stability and Security of Distribution Networks with High Penetration Renewables” and joined Electric Power Research Institue on July 2021 as Engineer/Scientist II.

Some personal information I’d like to share about myself:

  • I am addicted to Chess and International Bridge. Please find me (sssaha) at BridgeBase if you are interested in playing together.
  • I like traveling, cooking, binge-watching tv shows. My personal favorite is and probably will always be Person of Interest.

Humphreys Peak, Highest Peak of Arizona